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Every website's performance majorly depends on how quickly it loads. If your site loads faster, your bounce rate decreases. The Website Page Checker Tool by RankWatch is a free tool that performs size check on a website's page size. It tells you about the page size of your site in KB.

Before using a Website Page Size Checker Tool, you need to know what the standard website size should be. If your average web page size is below 3 MB, then your site will load faster. And if your website page size exceeds 3 MB, then the bounce rate will increase drastically, and this can affect your traffic negatively.

To increase the page load speed of your site, you need to first perform a website size test on our Website Page Size Checker Tool and check the size of your domain. If the report states that your site size is more than 3 MB, then you need to start working on your website layout size, your mobile website size, the default web page size, and screen size dimensions.